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What customer service means to us

In the beginning, David was handling every call himself including emergency calls. One Sunday morning, he received a phone call from a gentleman who asked him to come right away and that he would explain the issue when David arrived. David rushed over.

When he arrived, David was greeted by Adam and his wife, newlyweds. They told him how they had just returned from their destination wedding and had run into some glitches while away. It seems that the day before the wedding, Adam’s wife got into an accident, knocking out 4 of her teeth. Somehow they found an emergency dentist who was able to make a set of replacement teeth in time for the big day.

Now home and not feeling too well, there was a lot of toilet flushing going on and somewhere in the midst of it all, the teeth disappear. In a panic they are hoping that David can find the missing teeth.

Puzzled by this request, David wondered where to start. At the time, he only had an old black and white camera system and after searching for hours, he couldn’t find the teeth anywhere. Right when he was about to give up, David noticed a funny looking object amidst the toilet paper muck of the sewer. The teeth! Now that he found them, he had a
whole new set of challenges ahead of him. Retrieving the teeth from the sewer, 32 feet away from the house, 6 feet underground with the city main sewer just a few feet away was going to be difficult. If he accidentally pushed them into the city line, they’d be gone forever. Additionally, sewer cabling machines are designed to cut through and rip things out of sewer lines, not retrieve them unharmed. Adam asked David what his plan was and David was not sure how to even answer that. He said he could make no guarantees because he had never encountered an issue like this before, but that he would do his best to get those teeth back in one piece.

David tried a few different things, but nothing was working. He wracked his brain trying to come up with a solution. Eventually he made a makeshift nest out of electrical wire and with one hand on that and the other on the sewer camera, he was able to slowly finagle those teeth back up the sewer line and return them to the customer.

David remains in contact with this couple and has been referred to many of their friends and family members…on the condition that he never mention the teeth incident.

This story is just one example of how our team goes above and beyond to make sure we leave every customer satisfied with our work and happy to refer us on to others. We hope you’ll trust us with any of your plumbing problems no matter how strange they may be.

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